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It is the light in him that attracts us like moths to a streetlight. We want that light, we need it, and yet, we don’t realize that what we are seeking, is God. Michael had that light within him because he allowed God to work through him. He was a vehicle of light in that way. But some, when they can’t have the light for themselves that they see in another, they seek to destroy. This is what happened to Michael. Michael’s light came from God. The only way to have that light, is to get to know God. We need to take our eyes off of devouring Michael and a sense of ownership of Michael. Nobody has ever owned Michael, except Michael himself, and God. Sometimes, in the fan base, the disagreements come over a feeling that somehow, Michael is our property, that this group or that group owns him in some way. Michael was a messenger, a man of talent, a man of God. We never owned him. If we put our eyes back on God and seek that light from the Creator, we can come closer to the kind of world that Michael always spoke of and we can help to heal this world and this community of fans.

Debbie Kunesh, Reflections On The Dance

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